Welcome to Sipinvest.

The Sipin Holding's business development arm.


We believe that all companies should be found upon an ideal. An ideal that, when reached, adds value to the world that we live in. In the end, every company should do something that makes peoples' lives a little better.

But we know that not every good idea gets chance that it deserves — and that is sad, because it makes the world miss out on some pretty great developments. This is why Sipinvest exists: to help turn great ideas into great companies that do great things.

Sipinvest is part of the Sipin Holding, founded and chaired by Kevin Sipin.

We empower entrepreneurship. How?


We bring together the best people and ideas


We develop a valuable and sustainable proposition


We set up and launch a gamechanging company


  • April 2016

    Quantillion founded

    Kevin Sipin and Justo Engelander founded Quantillion to help enterprises resolve the big challenges of today's world, using data

  • July 2016

    DPA Group acquired majority stake in Quantillion

    Euronext-listed DPA Group acquired majority stake in Quantillion, greatly accelerating the company's growth


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you have ideas for a potential partnership.

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